17 Responses to Sukanya Samriddhi Account for Minor Girl Child

  1. ANAND DAGA says:

    need clarifications about:
    whether interest income from Sukanya Samriddhi a/c is chargeable to tax?
    who can contribute the amount to the child’s a/c? whether Grand Father can contribute to the a/c so opened?

    • Tax Dost says:

      On taxablity for interest income, we are also waiting for clarification. Only parents can contribute.

  2. Father says:

    Main concern is will the interest be taxed… else the high interest rate is of no use.

  3. Poornima says:

    PPF is far better than this scheme. I wasted time reading all about this scheme. No online transfer availability and no clarity on interest rate lock in period is also very high and I don’t see any garantee in getting money back on my daughter’s marriage. Nothing special for beti bachao

  4. mallampeta ravinder says:

    Its ultimate and Good one for ever….hat’s off and wonderful package as a scheme been initiated by our honorable prime minister.
    Sir, I thank you whole heatedly for tremendous thinking for this era…and the HAPPIEST LIFE plan for the Girl Child future ahead.

    Kind regards,

  5. Swarna says:

    I am a proud mother of a 3 years old daughter. But my concern is not about her education or marriage. the major concern is her safety. If the goverment can do something about the daily crimes againt the females happening throughout the country. I’ll prefer goverment to provide security to females rather than coming up with such schemes.

    What are your opinions about it?

    • Tax Dost says:

      Madam, I completely agree with you. It is depends more on the kind of education and values we as parents / teachers give to our boys. They should be teach to respect ladies.

    • Vinay says:

      Rightly said. Capital punishment for such offenders will only solve this. Look at how singapore brought in capital punishment rules to iron out corruption in the last 20 years! Unless capital punishment via fast-tracks courts are setup, crimes will always remain. If any govt official is involved, job should be terminated as well as retirement benefits voided simultaneously. If politicians are involved [even complicated], whole family should be brought under law and no election contesting by any family members.

      Social responsibility is another view but fear is a major factor in preventing crimes of that nature.

    • I am CA says:

      “rather than coming up with such schemes”

      I believe that although India gallops ahead in development, we continue to live in a patriarchal society. Very few people would think of saving money for girl child’s education, healthcare and marriage unless given such incentives like deduction on principal amount deposited and tax free interest income

  6. Dr C S Shah says:

    can a person having PPF ac also open Sukanya Samridhi and invest altogether 3 Lac though claiming only Rs. 1.5 L under section 80 C for tax benefit ?

  7. Shanmuganathan P says:

    Really I’m very glad & so happy to my 2 years daughter for this saving scheme.

    let me know clarify & help us please,

    If any possible to pay the fixed amount Once in starting year first Like to fixed Total amount min Rs:25,000 or max 1,50,000.

    And, If open Rs. 1000 and yearly i’l pay 1200, so totally i paid at end of 21 years amount Rs:26200/- (21*1200+1000). then
    How much we will get a total amount of scheme end.

  8. MAGENDRAN says:

    It’s good scheme for interest wise, Premature amount -50% will be getting @ 18 years and remaining 50% amount will be getting @ 21 years on behalf of Gift of Parents/Guardians gift to child future life.

  9. mahesh patel says:

    i have invested 30000 in sukanya samrudhdhi scheme in 3rd march 2014 . can i get benefit of 80 c (150000) this year (2014 ) . please reply me quikly

    • Tax Dost says:

      Since payment was made last year, you will get benefit under section 80C , for financial year 2013-2014 only.

  10. trilochankaran says:

    This a/c will improve thinking for by new born girl children and bring joy to indian families.

  11. Ranganayakulu says:

    Sir the scheme is good but these is very long period and approx minimum interest rate is better 9.5