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Is it Extra Ordinary to be Ordinary ?

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A very warm welcome to you.

If you are wondering what this Blog is all about, well …….to begin with this is all about you and me and us, our little quest for knowledge and our little indifferences,our understandings and misunderstandings ,our serious thoughts and not so serious experiences from different chapters of life.

As we grow Life throws us new challenges everyday, while as kids we get excited by these challenges and crave for more, as we grow older we seem to get tired and petrified and even getting up and going to work seems a challenge we face everyday. We seem to forget life’s simple lessons while struggling our way through the complex alleys of competition. An Ordinary Mortal is aimed at addressing those simple lessons or at least addressing the lessons very simply. The idea is to make the discussion easy to grasp and present the topic in a way everyone can relate to.

As I progressed with the articles and topics I was sharing here, putting them into groups or pages became inevitable.

So , now we have a Page on “Life’s Little Lessons” where we deal with topics like Personal Finance and Taxes, Time Management, Stress Management and all other issues and skill sets, knowing and understanding which can not only make our lives relatively easier but also can give us that little shot of confidence in facing Life’s challenges. I have put up some presentations which you may find useful for Training and Development purpose.

We have a Page “Hall Collection” where I have put together articles written by different authors which I have found interesting and worthy of keeping.

Then there is “Time Out” where articles and poems and stories have been shared at times on a lighter note and at others on a sombre note but all with sincere effort and meaning.This is like taking a break from the usual worrisome stuff.

We also have a page here where you can avail of Consultation and Training services which might be useful to you. We’ve put that in  “Services Available“. You may choose to block a service here or write to me directly at sutapa.sc@gmail.com or anordinarymortal123@gmail.com for further queries and details.

There’s a “Picture Gallery” too which is an attempt to preserve some valuable moments created during Training Workshops with different Corporate Houses.

So…………..if you are still wondering why you should subscribe to this blog, let me conclude by saying why not give it a try and let the Blog speak for itself. The unsubscribe button after all is just a click away if you do not find this to add any value to your life.