Income Tax rates 2012-2013

Income Tax Rates for Assessment year 2012-2013 (Previous year 2011-12)

Income Tax Rates/Slab for Assessment Year 2012-13 (Previous Year 2011-12) Rates/ %age
Up to 1,80,000
Up to 1,90,000 (for women)
Up to 2,50,000 (for resident individual of 60 years till 80 years)
180,001 – 5,00,000
Up to 500,000 (for resident individual of 80 years and above, Tax is nil)
5,00,001 – 8,00,000 20%
8,00,001 upwards 30%

Visit here for Income tax rate for Previous year 2012-2013( assessment year 2013-2014)


6 responses to “Income Tax rates 2012-2013”

  1. kapil gupta Avatar
    kapil gupta

    how to tax callculated in recived gift in assismant year 2012-13

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Please visit Reply

  2. Ratish Kumar Dey Avatar
    Ratish Kumar Dey

    My wife is a LICI and MPKBY & SAS (Post office, Small scale savings) agent. TDS is deducted at the time of paying her commission. She has not been issued the 16A form for the year 2011-12. What to do?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You can file your income tax return by viewing your form 26AS. This form will reflect your TDS deducted, which is sufficient for filing Income tax return. Visit here to find out How to view form 26AS

  3. Manav Avatar

    I paid Advance Tax around 10 days ago and got a confirmation of the same on the Challan Status Enquiry. However, these details are not visible on my Form 26AS. How long does it take to update?

    I also noticed on the TIN-NSDL website that Form 26AS generated at TIN contains refund information processed at TIN upto October 31, 2012 only. Can this be a reason for delay in updating Form 26AS?

    All my details (PAN number, name, tax amount, etc.) as shown in the challan status enquiry are right — but it is not reflecting in Part C of my Annual tax statement (form 26AS).

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      hi, It takes around 15 days for updation in form 26AS.

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