Claim Leave Travel Allowance(LTA) and save tax

[caption id="attachment_128" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Leave Travel Allowance"]Leave Travel Allowance[/caption] Leave Travel Allowance (LTA ) is one of best Tax saving tools available to employees. As per the Rules, you can claim the LTA benefit only twice during the block of 4 years. For this purpose, following condition should be satisfied:

  1. You should be on leave.
  2. You should travel any where in India.
  3. During such travel you may have your family with you.
  4. LTA is part of your salary component.
Family includes spouse, children as well as dependent parents, brothers and sisters. In respect of children born on or after 1.10.98, the exemption will be restricted only to two surviving children unless the birth after one child has resulted in multiple births. The travel expense incurred by you is exempt up to the LTA received. Obviously, if your wife and other family members travel, without you accompanying them, no LTA can be claimed. FAQ on claiming LTA benefit and Income tax planning is answered below: 1. Can we Claim LTA Every Year?                                        Sumit, Delhi One of the most common questions about LTA is whether it can be claimed every year or not? The answer is Yes – you can claim LTA every year, but you will not be able to claim LTA exemption ever year. Other Points About Tax On LTA a) If you do not wish to claim LTA in one particular year you can have your employer carry forward your LTA for the next year. 2. Is entire cost of travel covered under LTA?                         Jaya , Bangalore A The entire cost of the holiday is not covered. Only the travel costs are covered. So, whether you fly, hop on to a train or take public transport, you will have to show the ticket to claim your LTA. This means you will need to keep your air, rail or public transport ticket. Also LTA benefit is limited to LTA given by your employer in your salary. 3. Can I claim LTA for my elder Brother?                             Ramesh , Amritsar A LTA covers travel for yourself and your family. Family, in this case, includes yourself, parents, siblings dependent on you, spouse (even if your spouse is working) and children. For children born after October 1, 1998, the exemption is restricted to only two surviving children (unless, of course, one birth has resulted in multiple children like twins and triplets). If your family travels without you, no LTA can be claimed. You have to make the trip, either by yourself or, if claiming for your family, you should travel with them. 4. What is Concept of Block years for getting LTA benefit?            Sunil, Pune A LTA is not related to when you started your employment. The government fixes blocks of years. These blocks are not financial years (April 1 to March 31); they are calendar years (January 1 to December 31). The current block is 2010-13 -- January 2010 to December 2013. During this time period, a person is entitled to two LTA claims. 5. I was not able to claim Leave in last block. Can I claim it now? Venkat, Kerala A You can carry forward your LTA. One LTA can be brought forward and claimed in the first year of the next block. Let's say you do not take your LTA in 2006-09. Or that you use only one LTA. Don't worry, you will be able to take the pending LTA in 2010. This means that, in the 2010-13 block, you will be totally entitled to the three journeys. 6. I am entitled for LTA of Rs 45000/- but I have made travel of Rs 25000 /-. How can I claim balance? Kamal, Gurgaon A If your LTA is not utilised, it gets added to your salary and you will be taxed on it. Rs 20000/- short utilised would be paid as normal part of your salary after deducting income tax as per your Income tax slab. 7. I have changed job and i was not able to claim LTA for last year? Can i do it now? Satish, Banglore A If you switch jobs, you can get the LTA not only from your present organisation but also from your former employer, if the concession is lying unutilized. For example: in the 2006-09 block, you claimed LTA in 2007. In 2008, you switched jobs. You can still claim your second journey with your new employer. Of course, your new employer will ask to look at your earlier tax returns to see whether it has been claimed or not. 8. I performed journey by plane. Will I get LTA benefit? Puneet, Mumbai A In case of journey performed by air, then you can get the LTA benefit for :Economy Air fair of National carrier by the shortest route or the amount spent which ever is less. 9. I performed journey by first Class Rail . Will I get LTA benefit? Amit, Mumbai A In case of journey performed by rail, then you can get the LTA benefit for : A.C. first class rail fare by shortest route or amount spent which ever is less. 10. What if Place of origin and destination place of journey connected by rail but journey performed by other mode of transport.. Will I get LTA benefit? Amit, Mumbai A Amount exempted for LTA will be - A.C. first class rail fare by shortest route or amount spent which ever is less. 11. Can a holiday package be claimed for LTA exemption? Rahul, Gurgaon A Holiday package can be claimed for LTA exemption. LTA exemption can be claimed only for travel – if your holiday package included hotel and sightseeing (which it normally does) – you won’t be able to take an exemption for that. Also, LTA exemption can be availed for family - ie your spouse, dependent children, dependent brothers or sisters only, so if you have taken a holiday with your extended family or children who are no longer dependent on you, then you can’t claim LTA exemption on that part of the expense. 12. Can both husband and wife claim LTA exemption ? Manish, Ahmedabad A If you and your wife both get LTA – both of you can’t claim exemption for the same travel but you can avail LTA benefit for different travel. So effectively between the two of you, you can claim exemptions four times in four years.


158 responses to “Claim Leave Travel Allowance(LTA) and save tax”

  1. Raju K Avatar
    Raju K

    Will LTA to Nepal be treated as foreign trip, for calculation of Income Tax?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Travel to Nepal is not eligible for LTA Tax benefit. Only Domestic travel is eligible for LTA

      1. Surya Avatar

        Is Andaman & Nicobar Island travel can be consider as Domestic travel? Can I eligible for LTA claim for this trip?

        1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
          Income Tax Buddy

          Andaman & Nicobar Island travel are part of India and therefore travel to Andaman & Nicobar Island is eligible for LTA. Please preserve your tickets and Boarding pass.

          1. Jasica Avatar

            I have lost my boarding passes, can I still claim LTA

          2. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
            Income Tax Buddy

            Officially there is no need to submit LTA proofs to employer as per a court rule.

            However, it will be difficult to prove travel without the boarding pass, in case income tax department ask for it at a later date.
            It will be better to request for duplicate boarding pass, to your flight company.
            They will issue a letter justifying the travel done.

      2. feroz Avatar

        Hi! i currently live and work in Bangalore and my hometown is Mumbai. can i claim for travel to Mumbai with my family.
        And if this is allowed can i claim for my whole family whereby i come back earlier and my family travels a few days later.

  2. Tushar Avatar

    As per the new circular from Govt of India in Oct 2012, proof of travel is mandatory. It is being said that Air travel has to be by Air India. Is this true?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Air travel can be made by any airline.

  3. ramesh Avatar

    Dear All

    To claim LTA , i have opted package for Shimla which was inclusive of bus fare and hotel accomdation.
    Will i am able to get tax exemption on same.

    Pls advise.

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      For LTA benefit hotel accomodation is not allowed

  4. Naveena Ramprasad Puli Avatar
    Naveena Ramprasad Puli

    When Can I claim LTA, if i am traveling between 26 march 2013 and returned on 31st march ?

    As per our company policy Investment proof declaration cutoff date is Jan 2013 but i am planning to travel in the month of March 2013, How can get LTA exemption?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You can claim the same while filing your tax Return

      1. Rahul Mittal Avatar
        Rahul Mittal

        I am filling ITR-1 form in that there is no option for Section 10(5)
        The way out i think is to reduce LTA amount from Taxable Salary and than put that amount in LTA.
        The confusion I am in is, where should i write/declare in my ITR-1, that the taxable income i have reduced is due to LTA ?
        Are there other fields also that need to be filled while filling LTA in ITR-1 ?

        1. Tax Dost Avatar
          Tax Dost

          Please use ITR 2 instead for filing income tax return

  5. pawan kumar Avatar
    pawan kumar

    I get ltc for the years block of 2008-2011 under haryana govt.scheme rule(31210/-).can i get tax benefits for this.if yes..what documents i should give..

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You will only require to submit actual proof of travel. In case of rail travel, copy of ticket is sufficient. In case of travel by Aeroplane, ticket along with boarding pass is required to claim LTA

  6. Gaurav Baranwal Avatar
    Gaurav Baranwal

    Hi Income Tax Buddy,

    As I have joined the company as a fresher in Jan 2012 & we know that LTA block period is 2010 – 2013.
    Can I claim LTA Tax exemptions for this block twice(each for year 2012 & 2013).
    Please repond as soon as possible.


    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Yes you can claim LTA exemption twice

  7. Ashish Avatar

    Can I claim LTA for fuel bills if I am travelling by my own car? If yes, what is the limit up to which I can claim, assuming my family is travelling with me?

    1. Siva Prasad Avatar
      Siva Prasad

      No, you can’t

  8. Vamsi Nagineni Avatar
    Vamsi Nagineni

    Can i claim bills for taxi charges to airport under LTA?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      no this is not allowed

  9. Sandeep Bansal Avatar
    Sandeep Bansal

    Can I claim LTA benefit in case only my spouse has travelled not accompanied by me?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Sandeep, You can only take LTA benefit if you have made any travel- you will not be able to take LTA benefit if your wife is travelling alone.

  10. Vij Avatar

    What is the maximum amount I can claim for tax exemption under LTA in one block(2010-13).

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Vij, there is no maximum limit for LTA prescribed by income tax act. However tax exemption cannot exceed the amount of LTA given in your salary breakup.

  11. Subra Avatar

    I travelled Bangalore to New Delhi by flight , after that I travelled to Jaipur, Agra and return back to Delhi by rented car. Can I avail tax rebate on taxi receipt/Invoice to claim LTA?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Hi Subra,
      Taxi receipts are not allowed for LTA tax benefit.

      1. Subra Avatar

        Thnak you

  12. Ganesh Avatar

    my company says we need to submit the boarding pass , is that true

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Ganesh, Boarding pass is compulsory to claim LTA for Air travel

  13. Puspita Avatar

    I have travelled in FEB 2013. Can I claim it in APRIL,2013 for Financial Year April-2013 to March-2014?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Pushpita, you can claim LTA for year which you have made travel. in your case you will be able to take LTA benefit in year apr 2012- mar 2013

  14. Ram Avatar

    Hi, nice info!! i have not submitted this LTA before.

    i travelled by air in Mar 2011 & Feb 2013.(two travels made). i have both travel boarding pass with me.

    So can i able to submit both travels in this LTA (since LTA calender year is 2010-2013). My question is whether i can submit both LTA claims in this year IT 2013 return itself?

    Also help me to fill the IT return form, since my employer cutoff date was over. Your help is indeed.

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      In year 2013, you will be able to claim only one travel

  15. Saurabh Avatar

    Hi Tax Buddy,

    I stay in Delhi and soon getting married and therfore I am planning to travel in May’13 from Delhi to Kashmir with my spouse and parents and then we all are planning to visit Kerala from kashmir and finally coming back to Delhi.
    So, can I claim LTA for this whole trip i.e. Train tickets from Delhi-Kashmir-Kerala-Delhi in 2013.
    Please advise at the earliest convenicence.

    Many Thanks in Advance.

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You will be able to claim only one to and fro travel journey. Either Delhi to Kashmir and back by shortest journey or Delhi to kerala and back to delhi.

  16. Piyush Avatar

    Sir, Can i claim hotel stay charges against my LTA

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Piyush, only travel exp is allowed udner LTA. Hotel stay is not allowed under LTA.

  17. Bala Avatar


    I stay in Bangalore and my parents in Chennai. If I make a travel to Delhi for a trip – can the tickets from Bangalore – Delhi ( for my family) and Chennai – Delhi ( for my parents) for same duration be claimed for LTA?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Bala, You can claim LTA travel for your parents if you accompany them during travel. If they travel alone then, this is not allowed for LTA claim.

  18. Harry Avatar


    I read your article and understood that if LTA is not claimed, then the respective amount will be added with our Salary after deducting the tax. Assume my LTA is 50000 per year. Please help me to clarify my questions.

    1. Irrespective of whether we claim LTA or not, the LTA amount will be credited with each month pay or at the end of each year or at the end of fourth year.
    2. If I don’t claim LTA, then LTA amount will be added to my total taxable income and tax will be deducted on my total taxable income (which includes LTA) or a certain fixed percentage of money will be deducted just from LTA instead of adding it to taxable income.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      If LTA is not claimed then the amount of LTA after deducting Income tax is credited back to your account after year end.

      1. Hari Avatar

        Thank you.

  19. Jai Avatar

    Hi there!!
    As per my Co. Rules I am able to take ltc for blocks 2011-2012 plus 2013-2014. I joined the co. in 2011 so am qualified to take the benifits of both blocks. Am planning a trip this year end. Is it possible for me to claim tax exemption for both the blocks via this single trip. Eg ltc for each block is 25k. And my total expense for this trip is 60k. Will the total 50k ltc of both blocks by exempt from tax? or will I have to perform 2 separate trips.
    Pl advise.

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You need to take to separate trip in two different years to claim LTA.

      1. Jai Avatar

        Thanks :)

  20. Logesh Avatar


    I stay in Coimbatore and my parents in Chennai. We planning for the trip to shimla. While going me (Coimbatore- Shimla) in flight and my family(chennai – shimla) going seperately by train . When coming back, we all come by train (shimla -coimbatore). Can i claim my individual journey to shimla and return journey for a whole family in LTA?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Logesh yes, you can claim LTA for individual journey to shimla and return journey for a whole family.

  21. Rohit Avatar

    What is the tax on unclaimed LTA?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Unclaimed LTA amount is received at end of financial year and tax is deducted at maximum tax rate as applicable to you.

  22. Sharmila Chhatre Avatar
    Sharmila Chhatre

    Is LTA payable as fully taxable in the very first month of the financial year which is April?? If yes, should the tax be deducted as one-time in April itself or it can be spread out in 12 months. Pls guide.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost


      If employee doesnot opt for LTA, and he getting LTA per month then, tax will be calculated normally ie spread out in 12 months

  23. Vijay Avatar

    Hi Income Tax Buddy,

    My company gave us an option to modify the amount of our salary components. I can keep 10,000/month as a LTA but I want to know what is maximum amount of LTA can be exempted in a year?


    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      There is no limit on exemption amount of LTA. Maximum amount exempt is to the the tune of actual LTA you have got in your salary pay package.

  24. Prabal Avatar


    I am travelling from baroda to kashmir via delhi as this is the shortest route, but from delhi I am going to kolkata and from there I am returning back to baroda. Can I claim the LTA for this trip?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      On your return journey,you will be take benefit of only shortest route, ie kashmir to delhi and baroda.

  25. Sanjay Avatar

    Can i claim for international travel expenses?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      LTA is allowed only for local travel in India. International travel are not allowed for LTA claim.

  26. Aruna Avatar

    I claimed my LTA for the first time in OCT’2012. I did not claimed earlier. Can I claim again in OCT’2013?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      You can calim LTA twice in block of 4 years. Since you have claimed only once earlier, you can again claim LTA in 2013.

  27. Amit Avatar


    Can LTA be claimed for a travel for which the booking date and travel date fall in different financial years?

    1. Income Tax Buddy Avatar
      Income Tax Buddy

      Yes, you can LTA for which booking dates and travel dates fall in different financial years.

  28. Bhaskar Avatar


    I travelled during September 2012 and submitted the bills for LTA in January 2013. Total cost of the journey was around Rs.34,000/- and the whole amount got approved for LTA. I got reimbursement of around Rs.15,000/- during February 2013 as my LTA eligibility was around Rs.15,000/- till end of March 2013. Am I eligible to get the remaining amount of around Rs.19,000/- during April 2013 as this is a new financial year.

    As per the FAQ’s LTA is a calender year not financial year. Is there any eligibility criteria with respect to financial year.

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      You can only claim LTA the amount you have got in your salary. In next year, you have to claim fresh on new travel bills

      1. Bhaskar Avatar

        Thanks for the response.

        Is “Next Year” means financial year or calender year?

  29. Vidushi Avatar

    I had travelled in September 2011 by air and I have the boarding passes of that travel. Can I submit those and claim LTA this year i.e. June 2013?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      No LTA can be claimed on basis of actual travel in year, past travel can not be claimed this year.

  30. Puthumalar Avatar

    I am a central govt employee. My husband is a bank employee. My husband is eligible to encash his LTC. Can I avail the facility for my family and travel in the 2010-2013 block. Please reply.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Since your husband is getting LTA in his salary component, only he will be able to take benefit of LTA

  31. Nikitha Avatar

    1 employee was on duty and his family went to tour without employee. And he has already withdrawn advance for LTA. Whether his LTA is taxable?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      For claiming LTA benefit, Employee should be travleling along with family. Travel without employee will not give you any income tax benefit

  32. Atul Avatar

    Can I claim LTA for two or more than two travels together done in the same year for any block period of two years.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      You will be able to claim LTA once in a year.

  33. Jatinder Avatar

    I had travelled last Dec’12 and availed LTA in Feb’13. Can I claim LTA for a second visit done in June this year, as both calendar years of Travel are different. This will be second claim within block of 4 years (Jan2010 to Dec2013)

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Yes you can claim, since you are allowed maximum of 2 travels in block year

  34. Ankit Singhal Avatar
    Ankit Singhal

    i travelled from Bangalore->delhi->meerut (alone by flight and public transports)

    Meerut->Japiur->Meerut (with Parents)

    Meerut->delhi->bangalore (alone)

    wanted to know what all things are included in LTA

    Thanks in advance

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      You can claim either Bangalore->delhi->meerut and back (alone) or Meerut->Japiur->Meerut (with Parents). Please see which is maximum travel amount and claim accordingly.

  35. Neetika Avatar

    Is there any maximum ceiling on LTA for a year.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      There is no limit as per Income Tax act

  36. Shyamashree Avatar

    I want to claim LTA exemption for my travel to Kolkata and Sikkim in March 2013. However, my employer is not allowing me to claim LTA exemption this month (Octobr 2013) as they are saying LTA claim has to be made within 1 month of travel. Is that legally correct?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      ShyamaShree, Ideally there is claim can be submitted after one month also if it pertains to travel between april to Mar. But in your case since you have travelled in mar, due to financial closing and implications, your company is asking to submit within one month.

  37. pradeep kumar Avatar
    pradeep kumar

    I travel by air from delhi to srinagar in june2012 alongwith my wife.i book my ticket through a travel agent via online. i have also my boarding pass. but when i claim ltc in my office they said ur ticket are not valid because u booked it through travel agent not directly from airline ticket counter. i am working in autonomous body under the central government. earlier to go i take the permission to our office alongwith advance of 29000. now they are saying to refund my amount whati do

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      There is no condition that tickets should be purchased from airline counter. Tickets can be purchased form any where. Only condition is that there should be tickets and boarding pass

  38. Pavan Avatar


    I worked with my previous organization from May 2011- July12, and I haven’t claimed the LTA when I was working over there. And I have travelled in March 2012. I shifted to my current organization in Aug 2012. Please let me know if I can claim that amount in my current organization.

  39. Praveen Avatar

    I traveled to kerala by bus since the train tickets were not available, now can i claim the whole bus fare or will i be provided only the rail fare which is lower to the same place.


    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      You will be able to claim Rail fare

  40. heena Avatar

    I traveled from Bangalore to Delhi by air and returned from Chandigarh to Bangalore by air .
    I have Boarding pass of only return journey(one way) and not the other.
    Can i get rebate in IT for round-trip ??

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Without boarding pass you will not be able to proof that you have made travel.

  41. Raj Avatar

    Hello Tax Dost

    We have included LTA in the salary structure from November 2013 salary
    (1) Can a travel in July 2013 be claimed against the LTA drawn in Nov & Dec. for the FY 2013-14
    (2) Can the other unclaimed LTA (2 allowed in the block 2010-13) be carried forward to the first year of the next block 2014-17
    (3) Can a travel in Jan 2014 be claimed against the LTA drawn in Jan-Mar 2014 for the FY 2013-14


  42. Samarendu Saha Avatar
    Samarendu Saha

    My LTA claim was rejected as it include multiple place I visited. It is right on the part of company to reject the claim.
    The comment for rejection on the company tool- “The reason for rejection was – Please claim LTA for one place visit up & down charges only”

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Your Compay is right in rejecting the claim. You can claim LTA for only one place.

  43. ravi kumar Avatar
    ravi kumar

    my company block year was 2009-2012.
    i traveled continue 3 years to my home town(2009,2010,2011)
    i traveled 4th year to other than my home town.
    i made reimburse from my company on the above expenses made
    2009 expenses:Rs15000
    2010expenses :Rs 16000
    2011 expenses:Rs 25000
    2012 expenses :Rs 85000

    How much i can claim as LTA exemption as per income tax rules.

  44. vivek Avatar

    I have lost my boarding pass. Will a Travel Certificate from airline Company (without Stamp/Seal/Signature) be sufficient, as it is received through e-mail from Airline’s customer care. If possible can you please send link to such rule.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Yes travle certificate from airline would be sufficient

  45. sameer srivastava Avatar
    sameer srivastava

    Hi sir,
    I traveled to thailand in dec’12. can i claim LTA in mar’13 to appril ’14 finanical year.
    till date i have not done any type of LTA clain from my co.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      LTA benefit can be taken for travel within India only. Foreign Travel are not allowed under LTA

  46. Subrata Nath Avatar
    Subrata Nath

    Rarely I go to railway reservation counter to book a train ticket. Can I produce railway e-ticket (printed copy) for claiming LTA?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Yes, you can claim LTA on basis of Printed copy of eticket of railway reservation

  47. Siddhartha Avatar

    I visited my home town multiple times in a year taking leave from my company. Can I claim LTA for all travels to my home town which i had travelled ?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Only One travel in year is allowed for LTA claim

  48. Nikhil Sharma Avatar
    Nikhil Sharma

    I travelled from New Delhi to Mumbai in Dec_13 with my family . I submitted LTA form in Jan_14 in my organization, but i forgot to submit my travel proofs for LTA tax exemption purpose. Since i will get LTA with my current month salary component and its processed so i can’t submit my travel proofs at office.
    Please guide me how can i avail tax exemption in this case or can i apply for ITax-Return and submit proofs(if possible) for LTA Tax exemption??

    Request you to help me in this regard.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Nikhil Sharma

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Since Financial year ends on 31 st mar, You should be able to submit proof with your employer during this month also. Check with your employer whether they accepts late LTA proofs

  49. Velu K Ponnambalam Avatar
    Velu K Ponnambalam

    I have travelled to Kerala along with family and come back. It is a travel package along with accommodation. They have given itemized bill travel as well as itemized accommodation bill separately. Can I use the travel bill to claim my LTA?


    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Please take break u from tour operator. Only travel expenses are eligible for LTA benefit

  50. Vijay Raj Avatar
    Vijay Raj

    I have traveled with family from Mumbai to Mangalore in December 2013 and returned Mangalore to Mumbai in Jan 2014. How can the LTA be claimed as the onward is in one block and return in new block of 4 years. Can I claim all in the 2010 to 2013 block?

  51. kalyan Avatar

    Me and my parents have travelled in gujarat and rajasthan (piligrim Trip) in a cab. Can cab charges be claimed as part of LTA. They came to Ahemdabad from hyderabad and i joined them from mumbai

  52. spiderman Avatar

    1) Regarding LTA blocks, current block is 2010 to 2013. I am eligible for 2 LTA in 4 years block. Can I claim 2 LTA for the travel done in 2013 itself ? Or one journey should be in 2010 – 2011 & next in 2012 – 2013 like that ??

    2) Suppose if I didnot availed LTA exemption in current block. Then it one LTA carry forwarded to next Block first year. Are you sure, if I avail 1 LTA in current block, then also it carry forwards 1 LTA to first year of next block ?

    3) As on Feb 2014, Does employee needs to submit proof of travel ?? (Doubted on some supreme court order you said)

    4) If I book Rail ticket & later cancel it, is that SAFE to show as proof of Travel and to claim LTA ?

    5) Will I able to cliam LTA for the travel performed in 2010 now ?? Block is 2010 to 2013 na .

    6) I switched between 2 companies in current block. 1st company there was no LTA component in my salary structure, second company does have. In this case also can I avail LTA for the time-frame I worked in 1st company ?

    Reply fast. Thanks in advance.

  53. Ravikumar Avatar

    Hello Tax Dost,

    I need your help/advice on the actual situation I am in now. This is regarding the LTA exemption claim for the period 2013-2014.

    I travelled from Pune to Bangalore on 21-12-2013 by Flight; Then on the same day me and my family (Wife & kid) started our road trip through a travel agency, starting from Bangalore. The road trip covered various places along the coastal lines of Karnataka, Keral, Tamilnadu and returned to Bangalore on 30-12-2013 midnight. Then we travelled back from Bangalore to Pune on 31-12-2013 by Flight. My claims submitted for LTA exemption are as under:
    1. By Flight Pune to Bangalore on 21-12-2013 = Rs.13,323
    2. By Road (Travel Agency Cab Service) from 21-12-2013 to 30-12-2013, charges only for travel (does not include any accomodation/food) is = Rs. 47,000
    3. By Flight Bangalore to Pune on 31-12-2013 = Rs. 14,363

    Total LTA claims submitted = 13,323+47,000+14,363 = Rs. 74,686/-

    But, the employer’s payroll representative, after reviewing my bills for the above amount, is replying saying that, the approved exemption amounts are only (13,323 + 7,068 + 14,363).

    I do not understand why he has reduced my Road trip bill amout from 47,000 to 7,068. I have already asked a question.

    But I need your advice on what amount should I be really getting as exemption from the above items 1, 2 & 3.

    Please note, all these happened in a single trip starting 21-12-2013 and ending on 31-12-2013.

    Appreciate your response very much.

    1. Deepesh Avatar

      Hi Ravikumar,

      I too have the same question like your’s because I also did journey by flight, cab and train… I have not yet submitted the bills but thinking if Cab’s bill get rejected then I will try to get some other bills of Train..

      Please let me know if you have got the reason of your cab claiming amount.

      Thanks !

  54. Pulkit Anchalia Avatar
    Pulkit Anchalia

    I worked in a company from May 2011 to May 2013. but I didn’t claim any LTA. Can I claim in my present company? What what would be my eligible LTA amount)? How Do I calculate the amount as salary was different in previous company? for my present company LTA is 2200/- per month.

    Pls reply ASAP.

  55. KG Avatar


    I travelled from Mumbai to Delhi and from there to Amritsar and back by train. but i lost the copies of my i-ticket. all the tickets were booked at the counter and not online.

    is there any way i can get these tickets back to claim LTA for the same ?


    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Please check with the airline company and ask them if they can provide with the travel certificate. This will be valid proof of your travale to claim LTA

  56. Ajay Avatar


    My parents traveled to Jaipur from Bangalore on 12th Dec,2013 and i traveled to Jaipur from Bangalore on 19th Dec, 2013. I returned back on 26th Dec,2013 to Bangalore and my parents returned back on 29th Dec,2013. I only paid the airfare for my parents. Can’t i include my parents air tickets for LTA claims

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Since your parents didnot travel along with you, You can claim LTA for your travel only

  57. Ajay Avatar


    My parents traveled to Jaipur from Bangalore on 12th Dec,2013 and i traveled to Jaipur from Bangalore on 19th Dec, 2013. I returned back on 26th Dec,2013 to Bangalore and my parents returned back on 29th Dec,2013. I only paid the airfare for my parents. Can’t i include my parents air tickets for LTA claims.


    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      No. You and parents have to be travelling together to claim lTA

  58. aashu Avatar

    i have not claimed LTA in 2010-2013.
    can i claim it in 2014 for the journey done in 2013 .

  59. Vishwas Avatar

    Thanks for the information on LTA. It is quite helpful. I have one further question – I work with a private company and LTA is part of my salary. Suppose if I book the air tickets for domestic travel before March 2014 and travel in June 2014, in which financial year I can claim the LTA from my employer?

  60. Sunny Avatar

    I have traveled in April 2013 and can I claim it in Feb 2014??

  61. shweta Avatar


    I have all the boarding pass and ticket details with me to claim the LTA, but the last date to submit them in my company is over, and also i was taking the amount as taxable on monthly basis. I have following queries:
    1. Can i submit the LTA proof during my returns filing?
    2. To claim LTA I guess it is necessary to be on leave for a week’s time. So if I can submit the LTA proofs during my returns filing, do I also need to submit some record/proof from office saying that i was on leave for a week?


  62. Gursharan Singh Avatar
    Gursharan Singh

    Regarding carry-forwarding of one LTA from previous block to first year next block, I would like you to please clarify on following situation:

    I did not claim any LTA in last block of 2010-13. Since FY2013-14 has almost ended, I am not in position to claim any LTA now. So can I claim LTA benefit on a journey, let’s say made in August-2013, in my tax declaration form done for FY2014-15?

  63. N Kumar Avatar
    N Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    My question is regarding LTA.

    My family is staying in Delhi and I am working in Mumbai.

    During my holiday (LTA) trip I travel as:
    Mumabi to Delhi – Take may family along
    Delhi to Rameshwarm – Holiday Trip
    Rameshwaram to Delhi – Drop my family at home
    Delhi to Mumbai – Back to work.

    In this case how much LTA I can claim?

    Can I claim the complete amount of my holiday trip?

    What is the definition of shot route?

    Please suggest..

    Looking forward for your support and thanks in advance.

  64. Rishi Avatar


    I am planning to make a travel during the month of September 2014 and the return journey is in the month of October 2014. To avoid last minute rush and ticket prices i made the booking for the tickets on10th Match-2014. Now when I asked my company HR about the process which I should be following to make LTA claim in the month of October, I got the answer that I will not be able to make the claim as my booking and travel dates are not in the same financial year. Please let me know if this is correct? If yes, is there anyway I can claim this LTA ?

  65. Saurabh Avatar

    I have some queries regarding LTA cliam..
    1) I have travelled in Dec 2013 with my spouse ,Can i claim my last year bills( Dec 2013 bills- travelled period) in march 2014 or in any month of 2014 year(jan 2014 ~ dec 2014)
    2)If 1 question’s Ans is NO- Then will it be carry forward in 2014~2017.
    – i have claimed LTA once in 2010~2014 year,so i’ll be having LTA claim exeption 3 times in 2014~2017, can i claim 2 LTA in first year of 2014~2017 block ?
    Please reply me soon…
    Thanks in advance….

  66. RAJ Avatar

    I am newly married and frequently travel to my in Laws native.
    I travel once in a month by bus it costs me Rs 400/- each side for per person(me and my wife),
    Can I combinedly apply for LTA for all travel made in through out year

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Raj You can not club travels during the year to claim LTA

  67. Reso Avatar


    I travelled to Port Blair between March 22 to March 27. My company requires that all proof be submitted before 18th of March for processing and they wouldnt accept my LTA application. What options do I have?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Please talk to your company, Iam sure they will will work it out. As a way, you can show the booking tickets and final proof of travel can be submitted at later stage.

  68. Anand Avatar

    I travelled by Road from Bangalore to kanyakumari in a taxi with my family for 6 days. My transport bill (just fuel) was Rs 38,000. I got the LTA reimbursement for the same but did not get the tax benefit. I understand that if the cab cannot be considered as a cab service, at least my organization should give me the tax benefit of an amount equal to the first class train fare between the same destination or my claimed amount. Is my understanding right?

  69. Mansi Avatar

    My Company doesn’t allow us to claim LTA. I knew that this doesn’t depend on company. Is there any such rules for the company which are eligible to allow LTA claims?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      There is no such rule from income tax department. LTA completely depends on the respective companies

  70. Sushil Avatar

    I am planning for holidays for 6 days. But I am taking leave for 4 working days only (Thu,Fri,Mon,Tue). The Sat+Sun and one holiday (Wed) fullfills my requirement. So in order to claim LTA do I have to compulsary take leave for 5 days? Are those have to be contiguous? Or Sat-Sun-Holiday in between leaves qualifies for contiguous leave? Please advice.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      It is not necessary to take 5 days leave.

  71. Sanjay Avatar

    Does travel on Saturday-Sunday qualify for LTA claim?
    Say Going for to journey on Saturday and return journey on same week Sunday.

  72. sandip pal Avatar
    sandip pal

    Dear Sir,

    My company have given 50,000 as LTA component in my CTC.
    I have made domestic air travel on June 2014 and like the claim the air ticket amount of 18,000 INR. from LTA.

    My query is whether the remaining LTA amount (50,000-18,000= 32,000 INR.) will be given to me as taxable amount to my salary before March 2015? or the situation is different.

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      Remaining amount of LTA not utilised will be paid at year end and it will be taxable.

  73. prashanth Avatar

    In my salary structure i have LTA of 14500 per annum IF LTA is not claimed how much tax will be deducted ?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      If you don’t claim LTA, then LTA amount will be paid at year end after deducting income tax as per your income tax slab.

  74. vrinda Avatar

    could you please tell me if can we claim LTA for my inlaws when they stay with me , also I travelled with them ?

    1. Tax Dost Avatar
      Tax Dost

      LTA with inlaws not eligible for LTA

  75. PPR Avatar

    Hi Tax Dost,

    Its a nice article and helping information.

    I have joined new company in Oct 2012. I have opted for LTA for the first time in 2013 for the block 2010-2013 and 2nd time in 2014 for the block 2014-2017.

    In block 2010-2013, i have opted only one LTA, so can the other LTA can be opted in the present block 2014-2017. Means can i take total of 3 LTA’s for block 2014-2017.

    Please reply.

  76. Salvin Joshua Avatar
    Salvin Joshua

    If I travel by my car during vacations, can I claim fuel expenses against LTA?

  77. Ruchi Avatar

    Please clarify this doubt.
    Can the amount for 2 journey’s in block be clubbed & claimed
    for. eg LTA eligibility is 5000 p.a. I can do 2 journey’s & claim exempt of Rs 5000 each but can I make just one Journey & claim for Rs 10000 exempt, may be in the last year of the block.
    Please clarify as no one is able to answer this question

  78. Rakesh Avatar

    In one comment you mention that collecting proof is not the responsibility of the company and the employee need not submit any bills to claim LTA as per a Court ruling in 2009 and then in another comment you say that boarding pass is compulsory for claiming LTA. I find these two comments contradictory. Can you please clarify.

    Thanks in advance

  79. Renuka Avatar

    Can we claim two journeys’ in one year?

  80. Abhijit Das Avatar
    Abhijit Das


    Could you please tell if i have taken 2 casual leave and one annual leave during weekdays i am eligible to claim LTA. Please let us know is it the rule in LTA that one can avail the facility only we have taken Annual leave?

  81. Soumyajit Avatar

    I purchased airline tickets on January 2015 for, but the day of journey is on JULY 2015. As far as i know, you need boarding passes to claim the LTA. So my question is can i claim the LTA examption for the current assessment year 2014-2015? or should claim next year 2015-2016?

  82. Ghanshyam Sarode Avatar
    Ghanshyam Sarode

    Dear Buddy,
    I have a very simple question that due to heavy expenses and long air journey ,i ,m enable to affort this heavy expenses with all my family members.So my son is willing to travel alone to Adman and Nicobar and total expenses would be around 60,000/- .Shall I claim these travel expenses a LTA claim??
    My employer refused this exemption because I’m not traveling with him.Is it compalsary to travel with son/daughter to avail the LTA exemption???I would appreciate your reply per return mail.Thanks and regards. Ghanshyam Sarode

    1. Tax Dost Avatar

      Sir, Your employer is right. In order to claim LTa benefit, son should be travelling along with you.

  83. Ghanshyam Sarode Avatar
    Ghanshyam Sarode

    Dear Sir,

    Really Iappreciate your reply and thanks for it.
    Further to MY QUESTION,i feel it is injsutice to employee becasue in such high inflation and heavy expenses ,employee /full family can not travel together (due to heavy expesnes).
    Secondly as per my knowledge in govt.organisation in LTC govt is allowing the son/daughter travel independetly.
    It seems to double standard used.
    I can request you may take up this issue with suggestion it should be allowed.
    Thanks and best regards,


  84. Rajesh Avatar

    I am traveling to Chennai from Pune in a Train and returning in Flight.
    Can i claim this travel expenses in LTA or only the train ticket price which will be considered?

    1. Sapna Gupta Avatar

      Sir you are entitled to claim return fare. You are eligible for claiming both train and flight fare in your LTA.

      1. Rajesh Avatar

        Thanks SAPNA. To avail this do I need to take leave between traveling dates ? Because I have booked both tickets in Saturday and Sunday.


  85. Arindam Avatar

    HiTax dost I have a question….

    My LTA amount is 24k blocked with my payrol ,but in recent I travelled my home town and back and my etravel expences is more than the blocked amount wich is 38 k …..but my payrol told that I will only elegible for the 24k…..How can i able to claim the total 38 k tax deduction…….if i did not claim LTA in my compant payroll and take pay the tax on the blocked amount , will I be able to claim LTa tax deduction at the time of filing the it return for the whole amount i spent ? please guide ….

    1. Tax Dost Avatar


      You will be able to claim LTA to the tune of LTA limit given by your company in salary structure.

  86. Chetan Jain Avatar
    Chetan Jain


    If I dont claim any LTA in one calendar year (say amount 12000), can I carry forward that amount to the next calendar year in the same block and claim LTA of 24000, if my trave expenses are more than 25000 for one trip ?

    Thanks in advance