Remove Spectacles| Improve Vision

Remove Spectacles by easy home remedies Natural Healing Tips

You can easily remove spectacles from your eyes by opting these very simple and home remedies.

Very few and simple steps if you follow them in your daily routine not only your vision will get improve you will also remove spectacles. These are very easy remedies, you are not required to extract extra time for it.Early morning Walk barefoot on grass. Put few drops of Cow Ghee into your nose this will improve your vision, Do Acupressure of your Palms  between Middle finger and Index finger for 100-150 times daily, Do Analom Vilom for 15-20 Minutes daily in fresh air as the fresh oxygen charge your body, all the organs will improve. Include Amla (Goosberry), Pomegranate, Carrot, Lemon, Spinach and  other iron and Vitamin C in your diet which improves the vision. Wash your eyes with fresh water after small Intervals. 

Things we should not do after meal

There are few things which we should not do after a meal like

  1. We should not sleep immediately after a meal,

People who sleeps immediately after a meal are more risk of getting a heart stroke.

So best is have your meal at least 2 hours before going to bed.


2. Do not take bath after a meal because the flow of the blood increases and reaches your hands, legs, and body

which then decreases the amount of blood flow to your stomach.

3. smoking is very harmful for health and it become worst after a meal.

You should avoid heavy exercise after a meal.

4. It’s important to brush your teeth after every meal but it should not be immediately.

Wait 30 minutes and then brush your teeth.