Check your PAN Name, Verify PAN

Check your PAN Name, Verify PAN

Their is frequent queries on how can i verify pan details, PAN no income tax assessing officer ward and circle no. or how can i track status of my PAN application status.

To know about PAN related information including PAN address and PAN details, we provide below five tricks to verify PAN .

Query 1: How to check PAN Name/or How to Verify your PAN ?

Reply:  If you want to check your PAN name, PAN jurisdiction and to check whether a PAN number is correct or incorrect, then

  1. Click here => and Just fill your PAN in the Box and
  2. Enter the captcha code of six numbers and
  3. Click on submit button.
  4. Your PAN details will be shown in a new window.



Query :  I have applied for new PAN. Please advice how can I verify PAN application status?

You can get PAN application Status by visiting the agency you have applied your PAN number.

If you have applied PAN through, NSDL then, please click here.

Following Inputs information are required: 



2) NAME & Date of Birth/Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons


 2)    Verify Pan Applied Through UTISL Click Here

Following Inputs information are required: 

1) 15 Digit Coupon Number Or Application Number

 OUTPUT Result: Your Name, Pan, Date Of Dispatch

Query: How can I Apply for new PAN ?

Reply: Please visit here to apply for new PAN

Query : How can I know about my PAN number by filling Name & DOB/DOL? 

Reply: You can click on this link to know your PAN no. or verify PAN no of any other individual.

1.         DOB

2.        Surname and

3.        Individual Name

4.       Captcha Code.

5.       Click on submit

It will take you to new window and will show the PAN no.


Check your pan number

In case, their are multiple PAN card holder with same name and DOB then in next window it will ask to verify and enter following details

  1. Father’s First name ,
  2. Father’s middle name and
  3. Father’s surname.

Query 4: I have entered the PAN name and surname correctly. But still I am not able to find / or verify my PAN number ?

Reply: With the right spelling it’s very difficult to put first, middle, surname. In case you are still not able to verify pan no then please call customer care number at 1800 180 1961

Query: How to check Status of PAN for HUF ?

Reply: To know about HUF, Firm, Company etc PAN number full name is to be filled in the column of surname and DOB column, date of Incorporation is to be given.

To ensure that you are able to verify your PAN details , please remember following things :

  1. Enter the name you have filled in PAN application.
  2. Make sure that you have not entered your surname as first name and vice versa.
  3. If your name is of one word only then Surname column is must then fill it in surname. Suppose Neeraj is your first name then to know PAN number fills it in surname.
  4. ie enter Name as Neeraj and surname as Neeraj
  5. Fill the date of Birth (DOB) in dd-mm-yyyy format .Use – as separator and please don’t use / backslash. (Dot) or_ (underscore).
  6. Never give application to PAN agents to fill in your PAN applications
  7. Keep a copy of PAN application with yourself.

Query:  How to Track Your PAN through SMS If Applied On NSDL/TIN-FC ?

INPUT: SMS to 53030 with a message containing followed by a space the word PAN and the acknowledgment number of 12-digit provided at the time of submission of application i.e PAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER.

SMS to 53030 with a message contain followed by space the word TAN and the acknowledgement number of 14-digits provided at the time of submission of application i.e, TAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER.

 OUTPUT: Your PAN, Name, Date Of Dispatch

Query:  I dont understand the key words in PAN number. Can you please explain the PAN Structure?

Reply: Permanent Account Number (PAN) is issued by Income Tax Department is a Ten digit alphanumeric identifier. Each assesses is issued a unique PAN e.g- individual, firm, company etc.

  • 1-5 fields are alpha (A to Z)
  • 6-9 fields are numeric (0-9)
  • 10 fields is alpha (A-Z)

1.    Forth field of pan denotes assesses status :

  • for individual=”P”
  • for Company=”C”
  • for Trust =”T”
  • for partnership firm=”F”
  • Body of Individual:”B”
  • Association of persons:”A”
  • HUF=”H”
  • Local authority:”L”
  • Govt.=”G”
  • judicial artificial person:”j”

2. Fifth field of PAN denotes

In case of individual: Surname/last name(as given in pan application)

  • for ex. in case of Deepak Kumar(individual)
  • 5th field will be “K”
  • 4th field will be “P”
  • In case of Deepak Kumar Gupta(Individual)
  • 5th field will be “G”
  • 4th field will be “P”


  • In case of All Other Assesses 
  • 5th field will be first letter of Name/first Name
  • for ex : In case of Rahul Gupta and sons (HUF)(confirmed)
  • 5th field will be “R”(first letter of First name i.e Rahul)
  • 4th field will be “H”(for Huf)
  • for ex: in case of Reliance LTD (confirmed)
  • 5th field will be “R”(first letter of First name)
  • 4th field will be “C”(for company)

Query: Is it compulsory, to file return if i have PAN card? 

Reply: No, It is not mandatory to file Return if you have PAN card. Return filling is compulsory if your total income in current year is above the exempltion limit. For current year income tax slab visit here.

Visit here for Income tax rate for Assessment year 15-16

Query: I want to file income tax return. Can you please help? 

Reply : Yes, we can assist in filling tax return online ,

If it is salary Return, Please visit here.

If you are professional then please click here for professional Return