Income Tax Return Filling – Checklist

What documents are required to correctly assesses and file your income tax return online?

While no documents need to be attached when filing an income-tax return, you need to do all the supporting paperwork and retain the records as you will have to produce them if your case comes up for scrutiny.

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN),
  • Salaried employees need Form 16
  • Form No. 16A, which is also a TDS certificate issued for tax deduction on income from sources other than salary, from all those who have deducted tax at source, such as banks where you have term deposits.
  • Details of all bank accounts operated during the year with details of deposits, withdrawals and interest earned.
  • Any other Income you have earned
  • Investment proofs if not considered by your employer like HRA, LTA, Investment U/s 80C, Home loan on house property
  • Aadhar Card No. is required to be mentioned in Tax return from Assmt year 2015-2016.
  • It is always advisable to view your 26AS form before filing your income tax return. You can view your 26 AS form by loggin to efiling site.


12 Responses to Income Tax Return Filling – Checklist

  1. Ansari says:

    Sir,My total income is Rs. 140000/ by share trading,mutual fund,FD , I want to know in which form i will submit my tax return and in which colum i will show gift recived by father. Thank

  2. ramesh kamde says:

    my income is rs. 140000/- is it necessary to file income tax return.

  3. mousumi pal says:

    My income is Rs 282452/- as salary. i want to know which form i will submit my tax return for f.y 2012-13 if aplicable. I avail the deduction benefit of Rs 62609/- u/s 80c. I have no house building loan. Please advise me.

  4. sabby says:

    my earning is about 15 lac per year from google adsense and other affiliate marketing , and i want to know which type of tax are liable on me and do i have to pay TDS ?, please tell me which type of ITR do i have to fill?

    • Tax Dost says:

      Hi Sabby, Your income will be considered as business income and you can claim relevant expenses you have incurred during earning this income. On Google Adsense no TDS is required to be deducted by Google, however, you can need to pay Tax on your total income.

  5. Bujji says:


    I have 3.5 lakhs/annum salary. My employer is rejecting to give me Form-16 as there’s no TDS deduction and my salary is less than 5 lakhs. But If I want to apply for a loan or travel abroad, form-16 may help alot. So, how can I handle this situation ?

    Also to file IT returns, do I need form-16 as mandatory ?

    • Tax Dost says:

      Since their is tax deduction,employer may not issue form 16. Take a salary certificate, It suffice your purpose.

  6. Nikhil Tomson says:

    i have e filed my tax return and taken print out of the form. But my income falls below the tax exemption category. Is this a problem?Should i post the form to the department office or not?

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