FAQ on Income Tax Returns and Getting faster Income Tax Refunds

IncomeTaxReturnIndia.com provides Income Tax Return e filing, Income Tax Consultancy, Income tax return online filing and Income Tax refund facility for all salaried employees.

We have been serving our clients for more than a decade now. Our team of Chartered Accountants ensures that Income Tax returns are filed accurately.

List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) is given below:

1. What is unique thing about IncomeTaxReturnIndia.com?

  • We provide personal touch. Our Team of Chartered Accountants ensures that Income Tax returns are prepared and reviewed by them personally
  • We Guarantee 100% accuracy. We are sure that return file by our team of tax experts is 100% accurate. We offer Money back guarantee in case of any calculation error noticed in return files by us.
  • We have 100 % success ratio.
  • We have 15 years of Experience.
  • Each Income Tax Return and service Tax Returns are prepared by Chartered Accountants

2. How do I file my income tax return using your website?
Our website offers peace of mind. You don’t have to go through cumbersome process of filling income tax forms. There are just 4 simple steps that needs to be followed:

Step 1) Make payment and Send us your form 16 (received from your employer) via email to Efile Income Tax Return, Or you can send us courier at 301, Sector-28, Faridabad.

Step 2) Our Chartered Accountants will prepare your return and electronically file with income tax department.

Step 3) Acknowledgement (ITRV) would be sent at your email address provided by you.

Step 4) On receipt of ITR _V you need to sign the copy and send it by normal post to the income tax department at:

“Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka, ”


Alternatively you can also mail us at:

IncomeTaxReturnIndia.com, 301, Sector-28, Faridabad.

3. What is an ITR-V?

  • ITR-V stands for ‘Income Tax Return – Verification’ form.
  • Income Tax Department needs to verify the authenticity of income tax return when filed online without using a digital signature.
  • On receipt of ITR-V you have to sign the copy and submit to the Income Tax Department to complete the filing process.

4. Can I submit ITR-V anywhere else in India?
No, you cannot. You have to compulsorily mail your ITR-V in a sealed A-4 envelope to the address mentioned above.

Please note that Income tax department has now provided with option of electonic verifcation of income tax returns and ITRV. EVC can be generated based on aadhar card or net banking. Visit here on : How to verify ITRV online

5. Is there any time limit for submitting ITR-V to Income Tax Department?
Yes, you should mail your ITR-V within 120 days of e-filing your return.

6. What if I do not submit ITR-V within 120 days?
If you miss submitting your ITR-V within 120 days, your e-filing will be considered as null and void. It means that it will be considered that you have not yet filed your return. In such a case you will have to file revised return, get a new ITR-V and submit the same within 30 days.

6. Is there any method of verification of ITR-V?
Yes, now income tax department has started accepting EVC (Electronic verification code) based on adhar card and netbankimg. Through this now you can verify online.

You can also view Step by Step Guide on – You Tube video 

7. How To Print ITR V ?

1. Please use Ink Jet /Laser printer to print the ITR-V Form.

2. Avoid printing on Dot Matrix printer.

3. The ITR-V Form should be printed only in black ink.

4. Do not use any other ink option to print ITR V.

5. Ensure that print out is clear and not light print/faded copy.

6. Please do not print any water marks on ITR-V. The only permissible watermark is that of “Income tax Department” which is printed automatically on each ITR-V.

7. The document that is mailed to CPC should be signed in original in BLUE INK.

8. Photocopy of signatures will not be accepted.

9. The signatures or any handwritten text should not be written on Bar code.

10. Bar code and numbers below barcode should be clearly visible. /span>

11. Only A4 size white paper should be used.

12. Avoid typing anything at the back of the paper.

13. Perforated paper or any other size paper should be avoided.

14. Do not use stapler on ITR V acknowledgement.

15. In case you are submitting original and revised returns, do not print them back to back. Use two separate papers for printing ITR-Vs separately.

16. More than one ITR-V can be sent in the same envelope.

17. Please do not submit any annexures, covering letter, pre stamped envelopes etc. along with ITR-V.

18. The ITR-V form is required to be sent to Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100, by ordinary post speedpost.

ITR-Vs that do not conform to the above specifications may get rejected or acknowledgement of receipt may get delayed.

8. What is the Last Date for filing an Income Tax Return?
The Last Date to file Income Tax Return is generally 31st July. For financial year ended on 31st March, 2016, the last date of filing return is extended till 31st July, 2016

9. Is it mandatory for me to file an Income Tax Return if I have a PAN?
No. The following points explain this clearly:

  • You need to file an Income Tax Return if your total taxable income exceeds the basic exemption limit before taking into account deductions.
  • For the financial year 2014-2015, the basic exemption limit is Rs.2,50,000. For women, the limit is Rs.2,50,000, while for Senior Citizens it is Rs.3,00,000.
  • You do not need to file an income tax return if your total taxable income does not exceed the basic exemption limit before taking into account deductions, even though you may have a PAN.

10. Does IncomeTaxReturnIndia.com do manual preparation and filing of Income Tax Returns?
No. IncomeTaxReturnIndia.com does not support manual preparation and filing of income tax returns. All returns are e-filed with the Income Tax Department. All Income Tax Returns are prepared by Chartered Accountants.

11. What are the payment options?
You can make online payment using our secure gateway from CC Avenues. Make payment online, View more packages to meet your requirements.

12. What is PAN?
Issued by the Income Tax Department, Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a ten-digit alpha-numeric unique identifier. A PAN is issued to each assessee (e.g. salaried individual, self-employed professional, firm, company etc.) in the form of a PAN Card. Your PAN card is valid anywhere in India.

13. Can I file my return without PAN?
No, PAN number is compulsory for you to file your income tax return.

14. I don’t have a PAN. Do you Assist in getting new PAN Number?
Yes, for more details visit the link on getting new PAN number

15. For last year, i have refund due, but refund was not credited since i have failed to prefix “0” before my Icici bank account no. I got a mail from Income tax department that refund failed because of “non-existent account number”. Please advice what should I Do?
Please place a request for refund re-issue request. Refund re-issue request can be made by following steps:

1. Go to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in
2. LOGIN to your Account
3. GO TO ‘My Account’
4. Refund re-issue request’.
5. Select the mode through which you wish to receive the refund- ECS or Cheque. Enter the new Bank Account Number and provide address details. Submit the request. Once the request is submitted, your Bank Account Number will be updated.

15. I am not salaried employee, I have income from –Interest, Business etc.

All assesses other than salaries employees, who want to use our services can get the details by mailing us at info@incometaxreturnindia.com or visit here to view see the detail professional / business package or drop your query at contact us.

94 Responses to FAQ on Income Tax Returns and Getting faster Income Tax Refunds

  1. sandeep says:

    I am salaried person. I have invested Rs.10k in infrastructure bond in Dec 2012. But i didnot produce the receipt in my company. So in Form 16, this deduction is not shown.
    Now while filing returns, can i mention this amount and reduce by tax liability?
    Where should i show proof of investment?
    pls suggest.


    • Tax Dost says:


      Investment in infrastructure bonds will not give any tax benefit for financial year 2012-2013.This benefit was available till mar 12 only.

      • Niket Shah says:

        Similar to Sandeep case, I have approx 45000 MF which is not considered in Form16 as proof was not provided to account dept. But now to include them in filing return online can I attach them along with ITR- V, I will be sending to IT dept?

        (M) +91 78744 25618

  2. p t johnson says:

    how to activate ID AFTER registration at site?

  3. Amreen Sultana says:


    i have not submitted my form 16 for last 3 years. This year I have submiited and post the ITR-V form to the office mention above. my question is how can i update my returns with form16 of last 3 year???

  4. Nithin says:

    Hi ,

    Unfortunately I missed my signature in ITR V , My returns got rejected so please help me in filing it agin or what is the procedure for that . Thanks in advance

  5. ashish says:


    This is the first time I am undergoing income tax return process.
    I’ve submitted the itr form without any digital signature on july 29th, 2013.
    Also, I was supposed to get a refund for my investments.
    Could you tell me when is the last date to submit the investment proofs along with personally signed itr-v copy.


  6. Om says:

    I have not filed ITR after 2009. but i have form 16 for all those lasped years. should i have to file other years or i should only file for 2012-13 and continue afterwards. please suggest

  7. SS says:

    I had paid premium for mediclaim insurance in 2012. But i could not produce the certificate to the employer in filing the return of the A.Y 2013-2014 as it was not shown in Form 16. Now, can i claim the refund for the above? What are the steps to file the corrected return and claim a refund for the A.Y 2013-14. Is there any time limit within which i should claim the refund?

  8. BISHAL says:

    What To Do If Itr V Sent To Bangalore Is Wrongly Signed?
    My Uncle Signed Itr V And Post It To Bangalore When I Saw The Xerox Copy I Found That His Signature Was Incomplete In Itr V. He Forget To Include His Surname In His Signature. He Just Signed With His Name Now What Should Be Done?

    • Tax Dost says:

      Just wait for confirmation from Income tax department. You will be getting email confirmation, that your ITR V is accepted or not. In case it is not accepted, you can send the signed copy again.

  9. Thiyagarajan says:

    I have submitted my tax detuctions documents in my company, For that i have submitted my HRA as wrong, Now i want to correct that information and documents , i talked to my company AC department , they said they can’t able to modify it again, How can i submit it again, and how can i get the returns of that


  10. Rudy says:

    Indian Post mail man came to my house but i was not there as im out of town for a month, i did not recieve my parcel containing my TDS check, mail man told me they already return to Bangalore where my TDS check originally came from, Pls help me, what should i do??????

  11. Rudy says:

    To: Tax Dost,
    Pls advise good thing to do, are they going to send again my TDS check to Indian Post? can they possibly send the amount direct to my account number????

  12. Amit says:

    I have the same problem with you Rudy, good question..!!
    Mr. Tax Dost, any remedy for this? pls advise, thank you 🙂

  13. Chetan B S says:

    My ITR-V has been rejected since “Filing date has exceeded the Due date “.
    What to do next?

    • Tax Dost says:

      ITR V has to be sent within 120 days of filing income tax return.

      due to high number of users dont send teh signed copy on time, income tax department extend the date. Recently they have extended the date of sending the ITR V.

  14. kandasamy karunanithi says:

    My taxable income is less than Rs.5.00 lakhs whether I have to submit my income tax returns for the financial year 2013-14. Kindly reply me.

    • Tax Dost says:

      You need to file income tax return if your total income is above exemption limit. In your case, Return is required to be filed.

  15. Pavithran says:

    Iam freelancer cameraman, i get 30,000rs salary every month in my bank account. I don’t know anything about income tax, I’m a poor guy, i just finished my degree last year. Now i got a offer to go to Paris, and for the visa, i need to show IT Returns. but i don’t know what is IT Returns, and where should i get it?
    Please help me.


    • Tax Dost says:

      You need use ITR 4 form for filing income tax return.

    • Prasad .N says:

      Don’t worry about that if you have a appropriate salary pay slips and form 16 if any , send them to my mail id i will help you and My self is Prasad from Andhra Pradesh and am the tax planner my mail ID is —-

  16. satyapriya says:

    If i have send share amounting Rs. 100000 to my friend . Any tax i will be paid or my friend will pay as per income tax rule. Please reply.

    • Tax Dost says:

      Your friend will have to show the value as other income, if he is not paying any consideration for shares transferred.

  17. Pathik Megha says:

    I have already form no.-16 & also filled SAHAJ form for IT return , filled this form carefully, now where it will submitt???
    I am working at udaipur-Rajasthan & my home town at ahmedabad-Gujarat so can i submitt it anywhere?????

    • Tax Dost says:

      Return can be filed either at the place of residence or place of employment. So you can file return any where. Best option is efile your income return online.

  18. Rajiv Kumar Jha says:

    Hi ,
    I have paid Rs 1.1 lakh as interest in my home loan only but by mistake while filling ITR form I put 1.5 lakh.
    I allready sent my IRT V from now.
    How can i made that correction now. Please suggest me so i can made that correction.

  19. anusha says:

    I filed the tax returns for AY 2013-2014.But didn’t submitted the ITR-V form within 90 days as iam not aware of it.I got mail from Income tax department on May 17, 2014 regarding non receipt of the form.Then i submitted it and got the acknowledgment also.Now will it be valid or not?

  20. anusha says:

    when i logged in i got two ITR-V forms.One is original and other is revised.I dont know why two are there.I submitted revised one.
    I filed it through some group actually.They might have done something???

  21. Dasarath says:

    After entering all the details and signing the acknowledge form,should we send any proofs of income I mean LIC bond,or other income proofs along with IT acknowledge form.

  22. Sathish says:


    I have filed the ITR online and got the ITR V.But the data is wrong and unfortunately the revised ITR V also has wrong data.Please let me know how can I correct it and re submit again?


    • Tax Dost says:

      Please file a revised tax return , You should take help of tax consultant for advising and filing correct tax return.

  23. Virender Guman says:


    I have submmited my HRA in my previous company in Apr’2013 and in Oct’2013 I left that organization and joined another company. My previous organization had rejected my HRA documents due to some reason and that HRA is not getting reflected in my Form-16 received from my previous company.

    Please suggest how can I fill my HRA for those 6 months spent in previous company? Also Do I need to send or attached any photocopy/scanned copy while filling the HRA.

    What is the last date of filling of ITR?

    Virender Guman

  24. I want to know that is it necessary to send other documents with ITR like copy of bank statement, TDS certificate, LIC premiums receipt at the time of sending efiled ITR acknowledgement ITRV.

    Please answer me

  25. Prabhu says:

    I am paying my housing loan interest from March 2014 and the same was not accounted by my employer in Form-16. Please tell me how i can get the exemption for the interest paid for the month March2014.

  26. vasu says:

    I missed to add 80C declarations in tax declarations so it was n’t therein FORM16. But I declared in ITR-1. do I need to send any suppporting documents for 80C along with ITR-V

    • Tax Dost says:

      No you are not required to attach any supporting documents with ITR V, Keep this sae in your income tax return file, it may be required in case income tax department ask for the proofs.

  27. Niket Shah says:

    I have filled my Income Tax return ORIGINAL once, then found there was payable tax or Rs 10/- inside, so paid the same with Challan 280 (under 300 – Self Assessment Tax) via online ICICI portal. So to include the same in ITR-V, I again filled my Income Tax return as REVISED. But later verifying same I found I made minor mistake in specifying Income other than 2885 instead 2855 leading a difference of 30/- but not leading to any further Payable Tax or Refund. Shall I revised it again just to correct the amount under field “Income Other that Salary”?

    Please advised, I am in confusion it at all required to revised submitted REVISED INCOME TAX RETURN for sake of updating amount not impacting any other thing like Payable Tax or Refund?

    Thanks a Ton.

    Niket Shah
    78744 256 18

  28. Niket Shah says:


    I have filled my Income Tax return ORIGINAL once, then found there was payable tax or Rs 10/- inside, so paid the same with Challan 280 (under 300 – Self Assessment Tax) via online ICICI portal. So to include the same in ITR-V, I again filled my Income Tax return as REVISED. But later verifying same I found I made minor mistake in specifying ‘Income from Other Sources/Salary’ as 2885 instead 2855 leading a difference of 30/- but not leading to any further Payable Tax or Refund. Shall I revised it again just to correct the amount under field “Income from Other Sources (Ensure to fill Sch TDS2)” i.e. Income from Other Sources / Salary?

    Please advised, I am in confusion if at all required to revised submitted REVISED INCOME TAX RETURN just for sake of updating Income amount not impacting any other thing like Payable Tax or Refund?

    Thanks a Ton.
    Niket Shah
    78744 256 18

    • Niket Shah says:

      Hello Tax Dost.. please advise what shall I do?
      Why you skipped response to me?, is there a big problem in revising RETURN 2nd time?

  29. Sunil says:


    I invested on LIC on March month. Already my tax got deducted.
    So now while efiling IT , I updated the 80 CC section by referring the 16A form + LIC amount invested on March. So, refund amount is there, So do i need to send the LIC reciepts also alongwhile sending the efiled form to income tax office?

  30. Prashanth says:

    Hi Tax Dost,

    I have filed my IT returns for 2013, however i missed to send the signed ITR-V via post. I need to get a refund of 4000 for that year. If i send the Signed ITR-V, will it be accepted and will i get my refund for the year 2013.

    thanks, Prashanth

  31. NAKUL says:

    Dear Tax Dost,

    I missed to file tax returns for the year 2012-13 i have paid tax Rs 35000 for that year which is refundable, how can i claim that money now please help me

  32. dev says:

    i filed return on 20th July and sent ITR-V after signing. after a day i realized that I did not consider 1175/- deducted by SBI which was appearing in form 26AS. I paid self assessment tax on the FD income from SBI as per my tax slab. now, I want to file revised ITR and want the refund of 1400/- paid in excess of my liability.
    the real problem is i do not have ITR receipt number. can i not file revised ITR unless i get ITR-V receipt number? is there any way out of it?

  33. Abhishek Bodkhe says:

    I have filled ITR 2011-12 and i have seen in 2014 but its was rejected and sign missing . then i can send again hard copy or i need to fill again and send to office for 2011 -12 now means 2014…

  34. Purish says:


    I filled ITR with option of tax pay, as I had to pay extra tax rs. 4310 due to the reason that my new company had not deducted tax on my monthly income of March (joined in March). Now I paid the extra tax using challan 280 and SBI netbanking. Do I need to send the proof of transaction with ITR form to income tax department?

    Or just sending the ITR form which has tax liability of rs. 4310 on me will solve the purpose?

    Please suggest.

    • Tax Dost says:

      You are not required to send the copy of challan. Just mention this tax amount in your tax return.

      • Purish says:

        I have already sent the ITR form to IT department. But I have checked my form 26 AS which shows the extra paid tax in Part C. Now do I need to file revised return ? Or should I wait for an acknowledgement from IT department? Please suggest


  35. Sandeep says:


    Can i send my ITRV along with my wife’s ITRV in the same envelop


  36. sanjay kumar says:

    I Have E-Filled It For The Year 14-15, Hard Copy Send On 14.07.14 By Ordinary Post In Two Numbers, Still After 30 Days Cpc Saying Not Received, What Should I Do?

    • Tax Dost says:

      Wait for 15 more days. Due to last dates and heavy workload, there is load on updating the status of receipt of returns. You should b geting some reply within next 15 days.

  37. sanjay kumar says:

    What Is The Phone No. Of Customer No. Of Income Tax Deptt E- Filling Problem

  38. pawan says:

    Hope you are doing well !!!.

    I have dispatched the ITR-V to CPC & as per the speed post traking it has been rechaed on 30th -Aug-2014,but still the status is Return uploaded.
    should i send it again or should i wait for few days.
    Pls advice


  39. paddy says:

    I Have E-Filled It For The Year 14-15, Hard Copy Send On 4.08.14 By Speed Post , Still After 30 Days Cpc Saying Not Received, What Should I Do?

  40. Suma says:

    I have incorrectly calculated the 80C section and declared the same in my ITR. I have already posted this incorrectly declared ITR-V to Income Tax dept.
    1. Can I raise a rectification request online for correcting 80C?
    2. Should I wait till the ITR-V has been processed, to raise the rectification req?

  41. Suma says:

    (…In continuation to my previous question)
    If I file my revise return now, before the ITR-V is processed, I do not have the CPC no.with me. This is required when I use the link MY ACCOUNT–> RECTIFICATION REQUEST link. Pls advise on what needs to be done.

  42. ramradha says:

    A small query.. I would like to know how many days it might take to get tax refunded once CPC recieves ITRV.

    Thank you

  43. hi,my auditor has filed my tax on 23 nov 2014 for FY2014-15,it was already late, but when i checked ITR-V status online,it shows received but defective. How to find out reason, should i resend ITR-V again or is there any way to find out reason behind rejection.

  44. shriram roy says:

    I took personal loan from The District co-operative Bank & paying EMI which includes the PA+interest ,will there is any provision of Tax deduction ,while filing my IT-Return ?

  45. priyanka says:

    do we need to send any supporting documents (like bank statement, salary certificate, school fee reciept etc.) to income tax dpt Bangalore apart from the ITR-V.

    • Tax Dost says:

      No supporting document is required to be attached with your ITRV. You should keep them seperately filed with you. these supporting documents -like salary crtificate , bank statement etc may be required in case of any query of income tax department.

  46. Kannan Pasupathy says:

    I read somewhere I can claim tax exemption on the money I lent to my wife. Under which section should I provide this to avail the tax benefits. Thanks.

  47. Mathews says:

    I sold a flat for 35 lakhs. Got part payment 13 lakhs in feb-march 2016 and part reg was done on 11-03-2016. Remaining amount of rupees 22 lakhs received on 11-04-16 and final reg was done on 11-04-16. My query is whether I should mention the same in my returns in July 2016 or in 2017 returns? I received money in two instalments in different financial years. Part reg done in march and remaining part (loan from bank) I got in April.

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